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Test the application

Do you want to test FizziQ with calibrated examples? Below is a test bench for performing sound and color measurements.

1. Fundamental Frequency

What is the fundamental frequency of this note of a flute?

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Answer ...

880 +-1Hz

2. Frequency spectrum

How many harmonics are present in this oboe sound?

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8/9 harmonics
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3. Oscillogram of the Amplitude

What is the period in milliseconds of this pure sound?

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4. Sound volume

What is the difference in sound volume between white noise emitted by one source and white noise of the same volume emitted by two sources?

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Average difference of 3 dB

Answer ...

Aqua marine

5. Color

What is the name of this color (this name may be different for different monitors and smartphones)?

Capture d’écran 2021-03-11 à

6. Luminance

What is the luminance of this color taking the previous color as a calibration reference?

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