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Every student's science lab

FizziQ turns any smartphone or tablet into a portable laboratory that can be used in the classroom, at home, or in the field

Free and without sharing of personal 

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A scientific instrument in their pockets

FizziQ is an application that transforms information from smartphones or tablets sensors into data that can be used by students to conduct quality scientific experiments in most fields studied in science.  

Activities can be carried out in class or at home: on sound, light, movement, position, colors, magnetism… to consolidate theoretical knowledge through experimentation and scientific questioning. 

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To foster group work

The FizziQ app promotes group work by providing a collaborative environment for science learning. Group members can collect and share data, making collaborative analysis easier and more productive.


The intuitive interface makes it possible to compare, discuss and interpret the results, thus promoting a better understanding of the subject and the development of essential skills such as teamwork, communication and critical reasoning.

➡️ Discover the best projects of our 2024 FizziQ competition


An environment to organize your thinking

The application allows you to record, store and export data, create and analyze graphs, create tables, take notes and add photos.


All information can be shared easily for group work. The workbook can be exported in the form of a PDF document or in Excel format for data analysis.  

Experimentation tools

FizziQ's tools are valuable aids for conducting quality experiments. The kinematics module makes it possible to carry out quality video analyzes to study the movements of athletes or objects. The synthesizer allows you to generate sounds of precise frequencies on 3 channels. The sound library provides access to more than 15 different sounds to study the Doppler effect, range or echolocation. The color synthesizer allows to generate millions of colors by additive synthesis, to be used with the colorimeter. All these tools can be used at the same time as the experiment is carried out.


Activities for the classroom or personal work

Teachers can choose from dozens of hands-on science experiments, designed by Trapèze and education experts from the La main à la Pâte foundation , recognized worldwide for its pedagogy in science education.


All the experimental protocols are free and cover fields as diverse as physics, chemistry, physical education, mathematics, musical and plastic arts, geography or biology.

Teachers can easily create their own resources and share them with their students and the educational community.

Free and without sharing of personal data

The FizziQ application is free and does not require any prior registration, login identification or password. The application does not require an internet or mobile connection.  


Activities can be exchanged between students and teachers by QR code. Students exchange data and their results with the communication tools they are used to, regardless of the application (email, Messenger, What'sApp, Bluetooth, Google Drive, etc.).


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