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FizziQ Video Analysis 

FizziQ allows you to carry out quality kinematic analyzes in just a few minutes with a smartphone or tablet.

  • Videos and chronophotographs

  • Fast and precise pointing

  • Calculation of positions, speeds, accelerations and energies

  • Graphical analyzes and interpolations

  • Exportable as CSV for spreadsheets

  • Integrates a library of cinematic videos on sports, falls and collisions

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Analyse the real world, not just a video

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Thanks to cameras in smartphones, students can quickly make videos of movements and study them with FizziQ.

Studying real-life cases surrounding students makes learning more concrete and relatable, linking theory and practice. This stimulates engagement, promotes a better understanding of the concepts studied, and develops analytical and critical skills, making education more meaningful and dynamic.

To discover concrete cases of use in class for all levels, follow this link to our blog

Precise measurements for quality analyzes


The creators of the FizziQ video analysis module have strived to make it a precise and powerful tool to study kinematics:

  • Pixel-by-pixel pointing accuracy

  • Configurable origin and axes

  • Automatic cadence detection

  • Configurable time interval

  • Wide range of data: position, speed, acceleration, rotation, energies

  • Data smoothing on 5 sliding points

  • User graphics with modeling tools

  • Sharing data in Excel, PDF or Python

Simple and ergonomic use

The FizziQ video motion analysis module is the ideal tool for studying kinematics in class. It is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for students to use.


Here are its main advantages:

  • Usable on tablets, smartphones and Chromebooks

  • Intuitive user interface for all students

  • Analysis of videos or chronophotographs

  • Videos and photos from camera roll, internet, or app videos (30 videos available)

  • Correction of scores

  • Adding data in tabular form to the experiment notebook

  • Free and without sharing personal data

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The kinematics video library

FizziQ's kinematics video library is a valuable resource for teaching and learning physics. It offers a wide range of videos and chronophotographs carefully selected to illustrate various physical phenomena, such as sports, free falls, and collisions. This collection, accessible directly from the application, allows students and teachers to analyze real and complex movements.


Each video is adapted for use with FizziQ analysis tools, allowing rapid and precise pointing, as well as the calculation of positions, velocities, accelerations, and energies.

Engage your students

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Using video motion analysis with a smartphone as a pedagogical tool to teach physics is particularly interesting because it:

  • Makes learning interactive: Engages students with real-world experiences right on their devices.

  • Connects theory and practice: Helps visualize and understand physical principles through real-world observations.

  • Is accessible and economical: Uses smartphones, tools already available and familiar to students.

  • Develops key skills: Stimulates critical and analytical thinking, essential in many fields.

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