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Connecting external sensors

Smartphones are equipped with a multitude of sensors, but they sometimes have limitations when it comes to studying certain physical phenomena. That's why we've expanded FizziQ's capabilities by allowing it to connect to microcontrollers via Bluetooth. This innovation opens the door to a variety of exciting possibilities. You can now use a multitude of external sensors to measure parameters such as temperature, pressure, weight, CO2 concentration, and more. Our connection protocol is open and easy to use, meaning anyone can benefit from the power and simplicity of data logging and analysis offered by the FizziQ app.

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Microcontrollers and FizziQ

A microcontroller is a compact computer system, integrated on a single chip, that combines a processor with memory and input/output ports, intended for specific tasks in embedded systems. Its self-contained design and low power consumption make it ideal for controlling devices and processes in a wide variety of applications.

Thanks to the Bluetooth BLE connection, these micro-controllers can collect data and transmit it to the FizziQ application, exactly as if this information came from internal sensors.

➡️ Find out how to connect a microcontroller

FizziQ Connect

FizziQ Connect is an innovative new educational tool designed to enrich science learning by allowing students to collect real-world data through a variety of sensors connected via Bluetooth to their digital devices. The box allows you to connect sensors measuring temperature, pressure, brightness, and air quality, distances, voltage or intensity and allows diversified and in-depth scientific exploration in EXAO.

➡️ Find out more about FizziQ Connect.

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CBL analysis for everyone

FizziQ's external sensors open the door to diverse and enriching educational experiences. Students can conduct environmental studies by measuring air quality and CO2 levels, on temperature to understand connection, or on electricity to discover voltage and current.


By connecting external sensors, FizziQ transforms into a powerful data analysis platform that allows observations to be gathered, organized and shared. A tool that allows schools to offer students all the possibilities of analyzing tuning CBL (Computer Based Laboratory) at the lowest cost.

For example, do you want to use a thermopile or a CO2 sensor to study greenhouse effect? Try the experiments described in this article :

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