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Example of activities for 7-12 years old:

➡️ Classify colors

➡️ The length of day and night

➡️ Build a scale of sounds

➡️ What is a measure?

➡️ Orientation et hunting treasure

➡️ The height of the sun in the sky

➡️ Experiment with Pythagore

➡️ The sum of the angles of a figure

➡️ Tubular Melodies

➡️ Colors, tunes and smells of my homeland


This page and its content has been created with the support of the Education Resilience in Europe project

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Getting started with pupils

To help pupils get to grips with the application, we recommend doing a first getting started session, which will last about 45 minutes. The course of this session can be found in the attached PDF. 

To facilitate this session we have also prepared a slide show that will guide the students through the entire learning sequence.

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An activity on colors

In the FizziQ team, we love colors, so we have prepared a very motivating activity for cycle 3 students on this theme. With this activity, students will see all the colors!

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An activity on sound

With its synthesizer, the sound library and of course the measurement of sound level, frequency or note recognition, FizziQ Junior offers all the tools to study sounds in cycle 3. Hands-on offers two activities on the sound: the first allows students to understand what noise is and what the risks are associated with excessively loud sounds. The second proposes to the student to establish a sound level scale that he can test in his daily life.

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An outdoor activity on trees and light

In this activity, participants use a compass and a lux meter to investigate which side of a tree moss tends to grow on. By measuring the amount of light on each side of the tree and comparing it to the direction where the moss is most abundant, participants can learn about the environmental factors that influence moss growth. This activity encourages participants to observe and analyze their natural surroundings, and to develop a greater appreciation for the ecological relationships between different organisms.

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Ancre 4
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The Compass Treasure Hunt: Navigating to Scientific Discovery!

Participants will learn the principles of the Earth's magnetic field by using FizziQ Junior's compass to orient themselves and discover where a treasure is located. The activity encourages teamwork and problem-solving skills while fostering an interest in science and exploration. Children will have an enjoyable experience while learning about the natural world around them.

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Activity on the duration of day and night

In this K4 - K8 activity, students explore the impact of the seasons on sunrise/sunset times by conducting research in groups. They analyze the results to observe the variations and discuss the importance of these changes for agriculture and ecosystems.

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Ancre 7
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Activity on the height of the sun in the sky

Integrated into a sequence on the seasons, this activity aims to understand the influence of the rotation of the Earth, of the seasons on the maximum height of the Sun. By analyzing the data, students determine the dates and times when the Sun is highest or lowest in the sky and the influence of the seasons. Finally, they discuss the importance of understanding these variations for various practical applications and the understanding of climate variations and the impact on ecosystems.

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Pythagorean Theorem

In this Pythagorean Theorem investigation activity, Cycle 3 students explore the relationships between the sides of a right triangle. They work in groups to draw several right triangles, measure the lengths of the sides and calculate the squares of these lengths. By observing and discussing the relationships between the squares of the sides, students discover for themselves that the sum of the squares of the sides adjacent to the right angle is equal to the square of the hypotenuse. 

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The sum of the angles of a polygon

This investigative activity aims to lead cycle 3 students to discover the properties of the sums of the angles of triangles and squares by using different shapes of triangles and squares drawn on the Pythagoras tool of FizziQ Junior which allows them to study the geometry. It may be extended to more complex polygons.

This lesson allows students to strengthen their geometry skills by exploring the angle properties of triangles and squares. 

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Tubular melodies

In this activity, students explore music and acoustics using tubes and water. They work in groups, experiment with the pitch of notes and share their observations. The activity promotes listening, creativity, teamwork and communication.


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Colors, tunes and smells of my homeland

"Les Sens de mon pays" helps students share their memories with FizziQ Junior. They describe their country, choose a color, musical notes and a smell. The activity encourages expression, cultural diversity, social interaction and language/digital skills.


User guide 

FizziQ Junior is extremely intuitive for students, but to help you find your way around, La Fondation la main à la pâte has prepared an application guide that will explain everything to you. Let yourself be guided step by step!


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