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Science experimentation with a smartphone

Use the sensors of smartphones to conduct exciting science experiments, in class, at home or in the field with our free apps

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Free and without sharing personal data, for Android and iOS.

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Experiment in the real world

We know that the current trend is to equip students with headsets and propel them in virtual worlds. But when it comes to effective science learning, we are of the opinion that there is no better way than experimenting in the real world.


FizziQ uses the many sensors present in smartphones and tablets to allow precision measurements in many fields of science such as sound, light, color, motion ... They can also connect external sensors to experiment in class, in the field or at home.

Record, Organize, Analyze, Share, ...

FizziQ's scientific notebook contains all the information that student record: experimentation data, text, photos, drawings, graphs, tables.


Students can share this information in a few clicks with his group or his teacher. They can even share observations without internet with our advanced QR code compression technology.  


Once the notebook is complete, the student export in PDF or CSV format. A new incredible way to use smartphones to learn science.

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Activities for teachers

Teachers can choose from dozens of hands-on science experiments, designed by Trapèze and education experts from the La main à la Pâte foundation , recognized worldwide for its pedagogy in science education.


All the experimental protocols are free and cover fields as diverse as physics, chemistry, physical education, mathematics, musical and plastic arts, geography or biology. They can be loaded on smartphones with a simple QR code.

Teachers can easily create their own resources and share them with their students and the educational community.

Free and without sharing of personal data

The FizziQ application is free and does not require any prior registration, login identification or password. It satisfies GDPR requirements. The application does not require an internet or mobile connection on the student's phone.


Activities can be exchanged between students and teachers by QR code. Students exchange data and their results with the communication tools they are used to, regardless of the application (email, Messenger, What'sApp, Bluetooth, Google Drive, etc.).


Connect your students with science

Experimentation is a critical aspect of science education : 

- to help students understand the world around them.

- to accompany them in their scientific endeavours.

- o connect them to the very fabric of reality.


Digital spaces are taking over parts of our lives, but regarding science education, the digital should be a means rather than an end.


With the advent of smartphones in every continent, educators have access to a unique experimentation tool that will help your students connect with science.

An environment to organize your thinking

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