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The digital science notebook for children aged 7 to 12

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Free and without sharing of personal data

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Engage students

"For a child to effectively seek to solve a problem, it is necessary that this problem has a meaning for him, that he has participated as far as possible in its emergence, in a word that the problem becomes his problem and that he therefore wants to solve it" (Edith Saltiel)

Tablets and smartphones give students new ways to carry out scientific investigations to understand the world around them and learn to think critically. 

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Open the scope for science inquiry

Tablets and smartphones include many sensors which are all opportunities to take measurements with the students and to study the world around them. Work with them on colors, sound volume, musical notes, shadow and light, movement, dimensions...


The sessions can be done in class but also in the field. The student can also continue their study at home on a smartphone. 

Help students organize their thinking

The structure of the experiment notebook allows the student to organize his scientific reasoning. He documents the different stages of this reasoning by adding text, drawings, photos or instrument measurements. 

FizziQ Junior uses the possibilities of tablets and smartphones (sensors, ergonomics, portability) to offer students an intuitive experimentation environment to conduct experiments on the world around them. 

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Create and share activities 

The teacher uploads activities directly into the app. He can modify them with his own instructions. The protocols are designed by the educational community or experts of la Fondation La main à la pâte, recognized worldwide for its pedagogy in science education.


All experimental protocols are free and cover fields as diverse as physics, chemistry, physical education, mathematics, musical and visual arts, geography or biology.

Free and without sharing personal data

The FizziQ application is free and does not require any prior registration, login identification or password. The application does not require an internet or mobile connection.  


Activities can be exchanged between students and teachers by QR code. Students exchange data and their results with the communication tools they are used to, regardless of the application (email, Messenger, What'sApp, Bluetooth, Google Drive, etc.).

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