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Music scale

What is the link between notes and sound frequencies?

Level :

Middle School



Using sounds from the sound library and measuring the fundamental frequency, the student calculates what the frequencies of the different musical notes are, how those notes are distributed within an octave, and what is the relationship between them. notes of different octaves. At the end of this study, the student tries to find the notes of a piece of music by identifying their frequencies.

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Learn more

1. Discover the relationships that exist between notes and frequencies

2. Scale is how the octaves are divided to create the different notes. An octave is made up of twelve notes

3. In the sound library, open the sound Scale which contains the sound of the twelve musical notes of the same octave starting with the C

4. Record the fundamental frequency of the notes in your notebook.

5. Create a table in which you will put the names of the notes and their frequencies

6. Are the frequencies evenly spaced?

7. The thirteenth note of the file is the C of the next octave. What is the frequency of this note? Is there a relationship between this frequency and the frequency of the first note C in the file?

8. Can you deduce a relation between the notes of one octave and those of the next octave?

9. Opens the Octaves sound, which produces the same notes over multiple octaves. Can you confirm your intuition?

10. Can you find the notes of the piece of music from the Notes file?

11. Document your research in the field notebook.

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