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Exchanging data with a Micro: bit card

FizziQ provides access to information from external cards and sensors via a Bluetooth BLE connection.

For the micro: bit, FizziQ can communicate in two ways:

1. By the temperature, acceleration and magnetic field services. These services allow with a single expression to share the measurement values ​​with FizziQ

2. Through the UART service which allows FizziQ to receive and interpret the name and value of the data sent by the external cards and sensors. This service allows you to send any type of data calculated by the micro: bit


The data exchanged by the UART service must be structured in the form of a character string of the following format: 'NAME: VALUE'. For example for a voltage of 5 volts: 'Voltage: 5.0'.


The following measurement names are recognized: temperature, humidity, atm pressure, voltage, weight, acceleration, luminosity, magnetic field, compass and concentration. The other names will be displayed under the generic sensor name.

The following video gives the procedure for connecting the temperature service of the micro: bit

The UART service allows FizziQ to receive any data from a micro: bit. The names of certain data such as humidity, temperature, voltage, atm pressure, weight, acceleration, luminosity, magnetic field or compass are recognized by FizziQ which then assigns them an icon and a unit. The other data will have the label "Bluetooth Data.

The following video gives the procedure to connect the UART service of the micro: bit

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