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FizziQ Connect:

Scientific experimentation at your fingertips


The FizziQ Connect project is an exciting initiative designed in partnership with the La main à la pâte Foundation and aimed at facilitating science learning by encouraging experimentation in schools. FizziQ Connect was designed to meet the needs of modern educators: by combining different technological bricks we have created a tool that is useful for teachers, attractive for students and affordable for establishments.

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Objectives of FizziQ Connect:

  1. Encourage science learning: Our main goal is to make science learning more engaging and accessible. FizziQ Connect allows students to explore the world around them by collecting and analyzing real-world data from high-quality sensors.

  2. A versatile tool: FizziQ Connect allows students to make a wide variety of measurements using a wide range of sensors (CO2, humidity, atmospheric pressure, temperature, brightness, air quality, etc.). The tool has a battery allowing it to operate autonomously in the lab, in the classroom or in the field. It connects via Bluetooth to students' digital tools (tablets, smartphones).

  3. Integrated with the FizziQ app: Sensor data can be collected directly by the FizziQ app. Once in the FizziQ application, they will be collected, analyzed, commented on and possibly exported to PDF in the form of a PDF experience notebook or in Excel table format.

  4. Built for a reduced cost: the use of different proven technological bricks makes it possible to significantly reduce the price of the equipment, making it affordable for middle and high schools and thus making it possible to place the investigation process within everyone's reach.

  5. Inspire Interest in Science: The combination of FizziQ and FizziQ Connect creates an innovative and fun work environment for students. Using smartphones to take measurements allows them to create a more personal relationship with their scientific work, and can help develop a lasting interest in science.

How FizziQ Connect can help teachers:

  1. Real-time hands-on experiments: Teachers can use FizziQ Connect to conduct live experiments in the classroom. Real-time data makes abstract concepts tangible and easier to understand.

  2. Personalization of learning: FizziQ Connect allows teachers to personalize learning based on individual student needs. They can design activities to suit different skill and interest levels.

  3. Encourage collaboration: Students can work in teams to collect and analyze data, which promotes collaboration and the development of social skills.

  4. In the classroom or in the field: FizziQ Connect is a mobile tool that is not limited to remaining in the laboratory. Students can take their measuring instruments into the field to conduct studies even closer to reality.

  5. Aligned with educational programs: FizziQ Connect easily integrates into existing educational programs. It can be used to achieve specific curriculum objectives in physics, earth science or technology and help students develop.

FizziQ Connect features:

  1. Real-time data collection: FizziQ Connect connects different sensors such as CO2, temperature, atmospheric pressure and many others in real time to the FizziQ application, data analysis software used by many establishments for experimentation in the school setting.

  2. Sensor Versatility: FizziQ Connect supports a variety of sensors, allowing users to explore various aspects of science, from meteorology to chemistry to physics. Sensors are interchangeable for a diverse learning experience.

  3. Bluetooth connection with the FizziQ app: FizziQ Connect easily connects to the FizziQ app on Android devices. The data collected by FizziQ Connect is transmitted in real time to the application, where it can be viewed, analyzed and saved.

  4. Intuitive navigation menu: FizziQ Connect has a user-friendly navigation menu that allows users to change sensors, set the measurement interval, activate recording mode, and access other features conveniently. simplicity.

  5. Standalone data logging: Users can enable logging mode, which allows FizziQ Connect to store data locally, even when not logged into the app. This makes it self-sustaining and ideal for long-term experiments.

  6. Data export: Recorded data can be exported from FizziQ Connect to the FizziQ app for further analysis. This makes it easier to create scientific reports and projects.

  7. Power-saving modes: FizziQ Connect offers power-saving options such as Auto-off mode and brightness adjustment to extend battery life.

  8. Use with HUB strip: It is possible to connect several sensors of the same type to the Grove port using the HUB strip, allowing more data to be explored in parallel.

In summary, FizziQ Connect is a comprehensive educational tool that combines real-time data collection, sensor versatility, mobile app connectivity, data logging and export capabilities, and data storage options. energy saving. It aims to make science learning more interactive, accessible and exciting for teachers and students, helping them explore the world around them in a scientific way.


To find out more, consult the PDF user manual:

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