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We believe that experimentation is a critical aspect of any worthwhile science education.

To help students understand the world around them.

To accompany them in their scientific endeavours.

To connect them to the very fabric of reality.


Digital spaces are taking over parts of our lives.

But regarding science education, the digital should be a means to experimenting the real world.


With the advent of smartphones in every continent, we strive to make scientific experimentation accessible to students all around the globe.


 What are the educational objectives of FizziQ Junior

The educational objectives of Fizziq Junior focus on three areas:

1.Contribute to student learning in science and mathematicsby facilitating the setting up of experimental activities in these fields

2.Reinforce reasoned digital practices within the classby broadcastingfreenew resources adapted to the program

3.Help teachersin the realization of experimental protocols using the method of investigation 

These objectives target both the student and the teacher who retainsa central rolein the appropriation and use of the application. Note that the application can also be used at home as part of educational continuity or homework, offering a possibility of experimentation and sharing of experiences that is new and often difficult to achieve outside the walls of the school.

What are the fields of application?

The FizziQ Junior application will allow you to approach in an original and scientific way many notions of the cycle 3 program and the common base of knowledge and skills. These cover the fields of science and technology, mathematics as well as physical education, music and the plastic arts. FizziQ Junior will be able to connect to external sensors to extend the range of possibilities. The experiment notebook allows you to document and structure the results and the analysis, to work in groups and to share your work. 

In a transversal way, FizziQ Junior participates in the "mastery of techniques and knowledge of the rules of digital tools" and in the use "of different peripherals as well as digital data processing software (images, texts, sounds, etc.) »

On which technological platforms will the application be available?

FizziQ Junior is designed to be used primarily on tablets or Chromebooks. While at the second level have a smartphone on which the FizziQ application is installed, students in cycle 3 generally do not have a personal smartphone until 4th or 3rd. On the other hand, many schools are equipped with tablets and their number is constantly increasing. Of course, the application will also be usable on smartphones!

The tablet format will allow us to offer new features and create original ergonomics, well suited to cycle 3 students. FizziQ Junior will be available on iOS and Android, as well as on Chromebook. 

Will the application be paid?

Just like FizziQ, FizziQ Junior will be free worldwide. Free resources are created by the La main à la pâte Foundation, a Trapè partner, and by the educational community.

When will the app be available?

A beta version will be offered to a number of pilot classes from mid-April. Feedback will help finalize the application, which will be available to everyone from September 2022.

If you would like your class to participate in this program, send us an email on the following email:

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