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Elastic energy

What is it ?

Elastic energy is the energy stored in a body when it is elastically deformed, that is, when it returns to its original shape when the force that deforms it is removed.

The formula for elastic energy depends on the force exerted on the body and the distance traveled under the action of this force. For a body subjected to an elastic force, the formula of the elastic energy can be written as follows:

Elastic energy = 1/2 * elastic constant * displacement^2

Where "elastic constant" is a constant that depends on the material of the body and its shape, and "displacement" is the distance traveled under the action of the elastic force.

It is important to note that the elastic energy is not an absolute quantity, but rather a difference in the amount of energy between two positions. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a reference level to determine the elastic energy of a body. Most often, the reference level chosen is the initial position of the body before it was deformed, so that the elastic energy of this body is equal to zero.

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