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What's new with FizziQ 'Blue'?

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.9 of FizziQ, code name FizziQ 'Blue'. Blue because the selection circle is now blue .. but fortunately it's not the only innovation!

1. For a long time, we wanted to facilitate the exchange of data between students, or between students and teachers, without using an internet connection. It's now done with the FizziQ QR codes. Students can now exchange observations, text or tables in one click without the need for communication networks. Also an opportunity to talk about data compression.

2. We also wanted to facilitate the record and analysis of experimental data during investigation sessions. Tables now have three columns, the last of which accepts numbers, text and or formulas. The usual mathematical functions are recognized as well as statistical functions on the columns. This feature is being tested, and we will be happy to hear from you. In future versions we will expand the possibilities of this spreadsheet. 3 . The notebook is an asset of FizziQ but the classification of information in the notebook was not practical enough. The new management module allows you to organize the notebook using drag and drop feature. To enter this menu, find the 'move' icon at the top of the notebook. 4. On the observations side, we have made significant improvements: - the free selection of data in the kinematics module allows you to generate in a few clicks any type of combination on the results and to add them to the notebook in table form. - the sampling mode for sound waves gives the opportunity to easily experiment on data transmission and compression issues. - histograms of sensors data make it possible to address themes on the accuracy of instruments and their calibration.

5. Finally, we wanted PDF reports to be more appealing to teachers and students. The new format, very structured and visually attractive, gives an additional reason to use the notebook to document and share your research.

Facilitated collaborative work, attractive final reports, new pedagogical openings, we hope that you and your students will find the Blue version of FizziQ useful, and will allow you to conduct even more interesting experimentation sessions. Download FizziQ on iOS or Android stores, search for FizziQ. We are open to your suggestions to make FizziQ an ever better education tool. You can contact us at:

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