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Our tips to use FizziQ in the classroom

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

The use of smartphones or tablets in the classroom requires a framework but also some flexibility.Following our experiments in class, here are some points that can help you during the first sessions.

1 - Be confident

FizziQ app has been designed for students and its ergonomics are the same as that of the other digital tools they use. Students may be asked to download the application before the first session. A short presentation of the first measuring instrument that will be used can be done in class or before the first session, at home.

2 - Put the Laptops on airplane mode

FizziQ does not need mobile data access. In Airplane mode, students will not be distracted by messages that may appear on their laptops. The smartphone is quickly becoming a full-fledged investigative tool.

3 - Encourage group work

Group work allows students who have less knowledge of digital tools to appropriate the application while benefiting from the discoveries of others. FizziQ has many features that group work allows you to discover. Depending on the themes addressed, the number of phones or tablets will vary.

4 - Let the students familiarize themselves with the tool

During the first session, it is best to allow ten to fifteen minutes for the students to become familiar with the different features of the application. This time must be counted in the programming of the session. The "ownership" time will decrease very quickly after the first session.

5 - Choose an adapted experiment protocol

You will find many examples of protocols or challenges on the following sites: or For your first session, choose a protocol that requires only one measuring device.

6 - Request a final report

FizziQ allows students to easily create synthetic documents detailing their assumptions, measurements and conclusions. These documents can include graphics, text, photos, tables, and be shared freely by email, WhatsApp, etc.

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