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Our story

"Since my initiation as a volunteer with the La main à la pâte Foundation in 2018, I've had the rewarding opportunity to support primary school teachers through robotic challenges. These engagements have underscored not only the undeniable enthusiasm young children have towards new technologies but also the profound impact of using inquiry-based educational methods in enhancing their grasp of complex topics. It was with this revelation that we introduced the FizziQ app, a tool we tested amidst the Covid pandemic.


Collaborating closely with our esteemed partner, the La main à la pâte Foundation, our goal was to design an app that acts as an enabler for teachers. It provides them with the means to inspire students to dive into experiments, even when constrained by minimal equipment. The user-friendly interface of FizziQ offers unparalleled educational freedom, allowing teachers and students alike to engage in scientific exploration seamlessly. As we navigate an era where the emphasis on science education is not just beneficial but crucial for both individual and collective progress, we are convinced that tools such as FizziQ can significantly contribute to creating a more equitable global educational landscape.


A cornerstone of the FizziQ app's ethos is its commitment to accessibility and privacy. It's entirely free of charge, and we've made a conscious decision to forgo the collection of personal data. Our primary aim is to instill a robust scientific analytical approach among students. This tool is a boon for students engaged in remote learning during lockdowns and also serves a broader demographic—those who, due to various reasons, lack access to standard laboratory equipment. By harnessing the often-overlooked investigative capacities of everyday smartphones, the FizziQ app offers a unique, enjoyable, and democratic avenue to spark and nurture students' scientific curiosity."

- Christophe Chazot - Président Trapè

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