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Our commitment

“Volunteer with the La main à la Pâte Foundation since 2018, I have supported elementary school teachers in the context of robotic challenges. These missions showed me the interest of students, from an early age, for new technologies, and the importance for teachers to have quality scientific tools to conduct science sessions implementing the process of 'investigation.


In partnership with the La main à la Pâte Foundation, we have voluntarily created an application that gives teachers the means to encourage students to conduct experiments with a minimum of material and with great pedagogical freedom because the tool is very simple. of grip. The educational constraints created by the health crisis have strengthened our convictions and accelerated the development of this application, used by high school classes from May 2020.

The FizziQ application, free of charge and without collecting personal data, aims to help students acquire a scientific analysis process. It is useful for all students, especially those who work from home during a lockdown, but more broadly for all students who cannot access lab equipment for one reason or another. The powerful and little-known investigative tools provided by any smartphone are an educational, fun and democratic way to develop students' scientific curiosity. "

- Christophe Chazot - CEO

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