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What is it ?

An accelerometer is a sensor that measures the acceleration of the object on which it is installed. It is generally used to detect the movements and position changes of an object in space.

Accelerometers are commonly used in portable electronic devices, such as cell phones and laptop computers, to detect the position of the device and change the orientation of the screen accordingly. They are also used in navigation devices, toys and drones to detect movement and changes in direction.

The first accelerometers were invented in the early 20th century and were used to measure acceleration and vibration in industrial and military applications. They used springs and moving masses to detect acceleration. For example, the spring torsion accelerometer, invented in 1920 by German physicist Albert Kahmen, used a spring and a moving mass to detect acceleration.

During the 1960s and 1970s, electromechanical accelerometers began to be used, which used electrical sensors to measure acceleration instead of mechanical mechanisms. These electromechanical accelerometers have been used in guidance systems for missiles and space vehicles, as well as in instruments for measuring acceleration in civil engineering and soil mechanics.

Today, most accelerometers are miniaturized electronic sensors, which use micro-machine technologies to measure acceleration. These sensors are widely used in portable electronic devices, navigation devices and industrial motion sensors.

Experiment using FizziQ 

Use the accelerometer to compute the number fo steps you are making :

Ancre 1
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