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We would like to warmly thank all those who have contributed to making FizziQ Junior a useful tool for teaching science.

Scientific Committee

The scientific committee gives an opinion and contributes to the definition and implementation of the scientific objectives of FizziQ Junior. Its members are des recognized scientists:

Gilles Dowek - Research Director - INRIA

David Jasmin - Director of the La main à la pâte Foundation
Frank Pacard - Teacher de Math - Polytechnic School
Daniel Rouan - Member of the Academy of Sciences - President of the La main à la pâte Foundation
Daniel Suchet - Lecturer - Ecole Polytechnique

Pedagogical committee

The pedagogical committee's mission is to give an opinion and contribute to the definition and implementation of the pedagogical objectives of FizziQ Junior, its fields of application, its functionalities and its ergonomics, during the definition phase, development and launch of the application. Its members have recognized experience in science education.

Pauline Bacle - Manager Digital Projects in the Classroom - Hands on 

Stéphanie Brossard - Educational Digital Mediator - Canopé Network

Aline Chaillou - High School Teacher - Hands on
Ulysse Delabre - Lecturer - University of Bordeaux

Antoine Hupellier - College Teacher - Hands-on

Véronique Garnery - Primary Teacher - Hands-on

David Jasmin - Director - La main à la pâte


A big thank you to Zoé Lemaire for her work on the design of the application and the many visuals that made it an attractive and easy-to-use tool for young students.


Classroom testing

Class tests are an essential part of the validation of the FizziQ Junior educational project.Thank you to the teachers and students who helped improve the app:

-Roman Raucoules, teacher at the Cavé school (Paris 18) and his class of CM1/CM2 (year 2021-2022)

-Alexandra, teacher at the Doudeauville school (Paris 18) and her CE1/CE2 classes (year 2021-2022 and 2022-2023)

-Michelina Nascimbeni, coordinator of the Pilot Center La main à la pâte Goutte d'Or

-Marina Drouot-Kort, teacher at the central school (Sceaux) and her CM2 class (year 2022-2023) 

-Eric Bernard, coordinator of the Pilot Center La main à la pâte Châtenay-Malabry 

-Pauline Bacle, Head of Digital Projects in the classroom (La main à la pâte Foundation)

Project management

The preparation stage was done in coordination with the S24B company. Also involved in the study and project management: Jules Chazot, Théophile Mérienne, Estelle Methens

The actors institutional

The project was made possible thanks to the contribution in the form of funding or in kind from the Edu-Up program of the Ministry of National Education and Youth, from the La main à la pâte Foundation, our partner for the FizziQ applications, the Orange Foundation for deployment in Africa, the Canopé Network which organizes training FizziQ and FizziQ Junior. NOTWe sincerely wish to thank them for their commitment and contributions.

Within these institutions, we particularly thank:

- Axel Jean, Hélène Peytavi, Christine Trabado - DDepartment of Digital Education of the Ministry of National Education and Youth,

- David Jasmine, Daniel Rouan et Didier Roux - Hands-on Foundation,

- Ludovic Issartelle - Orange Foundation.

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