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Speed of sound

O que é?
The speed of sound is the speed at which sound waves travel through a given medium. Unlike the speed of light, the speed of sound is not a universal constant, but depends on several factors, such as temperature, pressure and medium. In air, sound waves travel faster as the temperature rises. They also move faster in denser liquids than in air or solids. For example, the speed of sound in air at 20 degrees Celsius is 343 meters per second, the speed of sound in water is 5 times faster at around 1,480 meters per second, while in concrete it reaches the speed of 3,100 meters per second. Other characteristics of the medium, such as compressibility, can also affect the speed of sound.
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Speed of sound

An estimate of the speed of sound can be easily conducted with a smartphone or a tablet. In the following articles - 7 experiments to compute the speed of sound with a smartphone - you will find the different ways to calculate the speed of sound in the air. These experiements can be conducted in clmass or at home.

Our youtube video describes every step to calculcate the speed of sound with the method of time of travel

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