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Kinematics is a method used in physics to describe the movements of an object or a system using quantities such as position, velocity and acceleration. It does not consider the forces that cause the motion, but focuses only on describing it and it's dynamics. Kinematics is used to study different types of motion, such as parabolic motion, uniform rectilinear motion, and circular motion. Laws of motion are expressed using vectors and projections to describe the trajectory of an object, or body, in spacetime. A kinematic analysis can be performed using a video or a chronophotograph. It can be used in many fields, such as mechanics, robotics, aerodynamics, ballistics, and also to study the movement of athletes to improve their performance.
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Conduct kinematic analysis in minutes using FizziQ and one of the videos and chronophotographs contained in the kinematics video and chronophotograph library.

Our latest additions include videos on sports:




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To find out how to perform a kinematic analysis with the FizziQ application, follow this short video :

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