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¿Qué es?
Biomechanics is a field of mechanical engineering that focuses on the movement of a living body. It analyses how muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones, work together to create movement. It is used to help athletes improve their movements in competition but also to study robotics or help older people do difficult tasks.
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Smartphones are extremely useful tools to study biomechanics. Scientist can use the various sensors to gather detailed information on the position, rotation, speed of the body, but they can also record detailed videos or chronophotographies of movements with the camera that can be analysed with sotfwares like FizziQ.

Below you will find a number of experiments that can be conducted on biomechanics using FizziQ in the field of sports :

  1. Parabolic trajectory of a basketball :

  2. Speed of a skier during the Olympic games :

  3. Trajectory of a soccer ball :

  4. Biomechanic patterns of pole vault jumping :

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