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How to identify a uniform linear movement

How to detect if you are in a Galilean referential?

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Middle School



Introduction to the notion of Galilean referential. The students discovers the different ways of proving that a movement is linear and uniform. He/she discovers the use of recording two data and the XY graph.

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En savoir plus

1. Have you ever had this feeling, for example in the TGV, of not being in motion even though the train is going very fast?

2. Uniform rectilinear motion is the motion of a point body moving in a straight line at constant speed.

3. Which measuring instrument could you use to check that the rectilinear motion is uniform?

4. Outside your home, use this Instrument and record a straight line movement over a distance of 150 paces. Be careful not to drop your cell phone!

5. Analyze the graph, did you make a uniform movement? What problems did you encounter? What precision does this instrument allow you to obtain?

6. Do you have any idea of ​​other Instruments that you could use to help you move evenly?

7. Try these ideas outside of your home. What problems or limitations have you identified in their uses?

8. Present your observations and analyzes in an experience notebook

9. The next time you travel by train or car, try to detect when you have followed a uniform rectilinear motion. What a bizarre feeling!

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