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Sound stopwatch

Use triggers to create a useful measuring tool

Level :

High School



Triggers are a powerful way to create new tools for experimentation and to introduce students to programming concepts.

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1. For a swimming race, the organizers want the stopwatch to start as soon as the sound signal is heard by the swimmers.

2. Triggers allow you to program the start and end of a recording, or trigger a stopwatch depending on the level of a measurement

3. Which measuring tool should you use to start the stopwatch? What threshold value should you use to start the stopwatch?

3. From the Tools menu, select triggers. How do you program them so that a stopwatch starts when the beep exceeds the threshold you set?

4. Once you have programmed the trigger, go to the Measurements tab and press the REC button. You will see the sign of a lightning appear. Clap your hands, wait a bit, then stop the stopwatch. The value of the elapsed time is recorded in your notebook

5. What is the benefit of a sound stopwatch?

6. Using triggers, could you program a stopwatch that will start when you clap your hands and stop when you clap your hands again?

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