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What is it ?
Arduino is an open-source microcontroller-based development platform that allows users to create interactive projects with sensors, actuators, and electronic devices. It is often used in robotics, home automation, Internet of Things (IoT) projects, music creation, and many other projects that require interaction between users and the environment. To use an Arduino, you must have an Arduino board, a computer with Arduino integrated development (IDE) software installed, and a series of electronic components such as sensors, actuators, and cables to connect the components to the Arduino board. . Once you have all the necessary components, you can use the Arduino IDE to write code for your project. The code is written using a programming language similar to C++. You can use Arduino's built-in libraries to access the functionality of various sensors and actuators. The code is then uploaded to the Arduino board using a USB cable. Once the code is uploaded to the board, the Arduino board uses the code to control the various electronic components connected to it. Users can then interact with the project by using the sensors to read data from the environment and by using the actuators to perform actions such as turning on an LED or operating a motor.
Experiment with


Arduino can be easily connected to FizziQ to exchange data and sensors value like temperature, pressure or light.

To learn how to connect Arduino to FizziQ :

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